Rock, Paper, Scissors

by Karina Glaser

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Those are great ideas! We're going to work on the novel first. :)

— by Graham on December 21, 2008

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Karina Glaser
One of Karina's first creative memories was making large necklace beads out of newspaper, glue, and paint at age four. She received her first sewing machine at her seventh birthday, and over twenty years later she still finds that fabric and craft stores are her favorite places to spend a rainy afternoon. As a mom, Karina enjoys creatively engaging her daughter using ordinary household objects and recycled materials. When Karina is taking a break from thinking about twenty ways to use bottle caps for an rt project, she can be found exploring New York City with her husband and daughter. Karina is the author of Saily's Journey, a book written to educate young people about child homelessness.

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