Follows two-step directions. for example, if you say to your child, "go to the kitchen and get me a trash bag," he will be able to remember and fulfill that direction.

A Cognitive milestone for the 5-7 years age range.

TIP: Giving your child responsibility within the home is an ideal way to develop ability with multi-step directions. Your child will feel important for contributing and proud of being able to complete all parts of the direction. If your child does not understand two-part directions with prepositions, you should discuss this with your pediatrician.

Concerned that your child hasn't met this milestone yet?

Source: How Kids Develop


Information taken from How Kids Develop, a website developed by the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center (CASRC) in collaboration with the Rady Children's Hospital – San Diego (RCHSD), Division of Developmental Services, through a grant from the First 5 Commission of San Diego. Copyright © 2002-2003, all rights reserved.

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