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by Graham Scharf

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This is a great article! We will definitely share with our twitter friends, thanks for sharing!


— by Mallory on March 11, 2010

Graham, nice observation. Yes, it is incredible. Some communities today can't think of (or remember for that matter) the days when there we no DVD players hanging from the ceilings of minivans. Or Nintendo DS games running 24/7 in the back seat. Or playing games on the cell phones. ALL WITH THEIR EYES IGNORANT OF THE WORLD PASSING BY OUTSIDE.

I noticed this fact of life this past week when my son quickly pointed out that we were "going the wrong way" when I took an alternative route home from school pick up. I also noted something in contrast, when dropping my son's friend off after a playdate the same week -- I was momentarily lost, stopped at a corner and asked the friend if he knew the turn we should take in front of us -- left or right? He had NO clue. Not at all. We found his home alright soon after that. You'll never guess where he lived -- just 2 houses from that corner. This child obviously hasn't had the chance to observe the world around him - literally the world around where he eats and sleeps everyday!

And I made that connection because of what I had experienced for the last couple of hours -- the incessant questions the boy asked while over our home "Where's your Wii?" "Is your Wii upstairs?" "Where's the Wii?" "When can we play the Wii?" "Let's just play Wii." "Where's your Wii?" [BTW, we don't own a Wii]

Less screen time and more books would definitely be a good thing IMHO.

— by Kenny on March 14, 2010

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Graham Scharf
Graham is a father, the husband of a pediatrician, a former NYC Teaching Fellow, co-founder of Tumblon, and author of The Apprenticeship of Being Human: Why Early Childhood Parenting Matters to Everyone ( He has worked in team development, taught in an urban public school, and is full-time dad to his two young daughters.

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