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by Graham Scharf

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Good article here. I know from a perspective of church and spiritual development, we've tried (and are trying) to emphasize this with our own parents, that they are in charge of their child's spiritual training and that we as church leaders and ministries are will assist. And yet we continue to outsource spiritual training to the church and then are disappointed when we don't like the results.

— by bstroh7 on January 8, 2009


— by dfd on August 27, 2012

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Graham Scharf
Graham is a father, the husband of a pediatrician, a former NYC Teaching Fellow, co-founder of Tumblon, and author of The Apprenticeship of Being Human: Why Early Childhood Parenting Matters to Everyone ( He has worked in team development, taught in an urban public school, and is full-time dad to his two young daughters.

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