Child drawing

Tumblon is coming to an end

On May 31, 2016 the Tumblon era is coming to an end. We have enjoyed the privilege of helping you understand and track your children's developmental milestones and memories.

For our users who have recorded milestones and memories on Tumblon, we have built an export feature to preserve those memories on another platform. These users will receive an email notification describing the export process.

From our inception, our mission was to help parents understand their children's development so that they could worry less and spend more time engaging and enjoying their kids. Our hope is that this has been your experience, and that you have treasured this time with your children.

And so we leave you with wise words from Gladys Hunt on the joys and importance of reading to and with your children: "Books help children know what to look for in life. Reading develops the taste buds of the mind as children learn to savor what is seen, heard, and experienced and fit these into some kind of worthwhile framework."

Thank you for traveling with us on this journey with us, and we wish you well on the road ahead.

- The Tumblon Team